Tributes and Stories of Ada

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“The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do the little things constantly”.   Ada was kind and caring to everyone. She brought her enthusiasm and special way of making others feel special with her everyday. ❤️ Colby and Peyton 

I saw a mourning cloak butterfly today, dancing in the sun, and thought of beautiful Ada.  Nancy


From the day you would’ve met Ada until the day she was gone, she was always the happiest, brightest person around.  Ada cared for everyone around her, and could put a smile on anyone’s face.  While being one of the smartest people, she was also one of the most athletic, striving to be the most successful inside and outside of school.  Her presence would always bring everyone together, and call for the best of times.

Ada lived her life moving forwards not backwards.  She would make the best of every situation and always keep going.  If you ever needed help she would always be there to give it, putting others before herself.

Ada Helen Sorensen was a very special person that changed many people’s lives for the good, and will always be remembered for the kind, loving person that she was.  Josiah


Ada lived her life with such positivity and such happiness.   She always cared so much about other people to make sure everyone around her was happy and situated before treating herself.  For as long as I can remember, Ada has always been in my life and she and I have always been inseparable.  I remember back in daycare, at Karen Rainville’s house, we would get separated during nap time because the two of us couldn’t ever stop talking and the other kids needed to sleep.  There was never a dull moment with Ada.

Ada is so appreciative of everything that was given to her.  Her family, especially.  She always talked about how supportive they had been.  As you all must know, Ada was very bright, but this been been from the start when her parents would teach her about farming and all the worldly things.  From the beginning, I remember a time when I came over to her house after getting a new doll.  I was so excited to share my favorite toy with her.  When I asked about her favorite, she took out this 12 x 12 multiplication table and asked me to give her two numbers under 12.  I chose 8 and 9, she yelled out 72, and clicked the button where those two numbers aligned just to see that she had gotten the answer right.

In the midst of running a farm, her dad, David, would never miss a soccer game and stepped up to coach the team when we were younger.  Her mom, Jane, was never one to care for shopping and listening to Ada’s music, but she would drop everything in a heartbeat just to be able to spend time doing something Ada loved.

Everybody who knew Ada, knew how tough she was through her actions on the field.  She has gone through countless ankle sprains and concussions, yet still managed to play through the pain and score our goals.  No doubt that’s Huck’s role, as her tougher older brother, in helping her achieve such bravery.

The other day, a few friends and I had gone to visit the crash site to drop off some flowers and an angel statue.  As we were pulling out to leave, the car got stuck in the mud.  And it was buried in there for hours, as if she wasn’t letting us leave.  It was the first laugh that I had had in awhile with my friends.  She was right there laughing with us.  It’s a good feeling to know she’s always going to here with us all.  Because Ada has always been the voice of reason.  Lucy, Ada’s best friend, since age 2.

Ada-Lucy Sabine party



by Avery Daudelin
The many sleepovers of Avery, Lucy and Ada always included making guacamole.
You may be able to hear a recording of Avery reading this on Vermont Public Radio’s Young Writers Project:

I chopped onions yesterday and I didn’t cry.

Two avocados, a smidge of tomato, ½ a garlic clove, a few drops of lemon juice, lots of salt, a dash of pepper, our secret ingredient we always forgot the name for, and ¼ of an onion.

Two avocados and a smidge of tomato.
(You’ll find yourself crying, wondering why this happened to you. Because this happens in movies – this doesn’t happen to you.)

½ a garlic clove and a few drops of lemon juice.
(You’ll find yourself crying, because all you can think about is how it’s been six months without her. Everyone around you is happy, and the day still continues on.)

Lots of salt and a dash of pepper.
(You’ll cry when her favorite song comes on, and all you can do is scream the lyrics that you used to sing with her.)

Our secret ingredient we always forgot the name for.
(You’ll cry at old pictures of you two, because it felt like any other moment when it was taken.)

And ¼ of this onion.
(You’ll cry on her birthday, because a year ago you were eating steak and fried onions and laughing at how time flies.)

But onions don’t make me cry.

You cry at little setbacks because it triggers the memory of her.
You cry when someone says her name.
You cry when you blink.
You cry when you breathe.
You cry. And cry.

Because everything reminds you of her.
Because the memories of her fade as time goes on.
Because you’re learning to live without her.
Because your brain is slowly forgetting her voice.
Because you’ll never take a graduation photo with her.
Because you’ll never see her follow the dreams she used to talk about.
Because you’ll never see her wedding photos.
Because you’ll never see the beautiful faces that would be her own children.
Because you’ll never see her at your high school reunion.
Because you’ll never say goodbye to your best friend.

I chopped onions yesterday and I didn’t cry. But I still sat in tear-filled guacamole.
Avery, one of Ada’s closest friends.


I truly can’t put into words what my feelings are.  Such a wide range from total grief to joy…  joy in just thinking about her.  Seeing the slippers in my closet that she made from duct tape, when she was little, playing with the puffed out arteries and veins in my hands and arms.  I know then she’d consider a career in medicine.  If she’d see me sitting alone at family gatherings, she’d come join me.  What a precious granddaughter!  For many  months now, hanging on the wall in my bedroom, framed, is a pencil sketch of herself she’d done the last time she’d visited.  I treasure it.  And I’m so glad you named her Ada Sorensen, so she could have your Bedstefar’s signet ring.

Oh my yes, what a range from grief to joy.  Such grief because she’s no longer with us, and joy, because we, I was honored to share her life and who she was…  Mother (Jane’s mother, Ada’s Bedstemor, Grandmother in Danish).

Bedstemor and Ada

Ada was a special gift to us and gave us so much joy.  We were so honored having her as a namesake, Ada Helen, and being at the airport when she arrived.  We so loved having her stay with us for brief periods some summers.  On one of those occasions Helen took her to visit the butterfly aviary at the Strong Museum in Rochester.  While there, the accompanying photo was taken which is one of our favorites ever.  Her true love of nature and all living things seems apparent in every fiber of her here.  We have been very privileged to experience all the wonders that was Ada.   Grandma and Poppy (David’s parents, Ada’s grandparents)


Every day I feel Ada’s presence and she brings me peace and serenity.  I see that bright smile unchanged from her smiles in infancy and it makes me smile.  Ada was a shining light.  Who couldn’t be happy in her presence?  She made us laugh during our visits to the farm and at each family reunion.  I love how she would nestle herself into a person’s lap, usually your’s, Jane, or Mother’s, even as a teenager.

In her far too short life, Ada taught, by example, profound lessons.  She taught us to say “yes” to life!  When we’re a bit fearful, a bit tired or feeling we don’t have the time, she taught us to take adventures, to try new things and to help others in need.  She taught us to love life and to love others.  With Ada’s help, I vow to say “yes” more frequently…. Janet (Ada’s aunt).



1).  Being the most bad ass young person I’ve ever met.  2).  Loving her family and showing love and affection to her family – as a teenager.  3) Radiating COOLNESS and PEACE like no other –  I want to be like Ada when I grow up.  Julia (Ada’s cousin, who, by-the-way, is so grown up and cool!)


Ada potato was vivacious from the word go. I’ll never forget her crawling, fearlessly, through the fields of River Berry Farm as a baby and then touring the family through the farm, acting as if she ran the place at five years old (and she absolutely could have). We love you, Ada. Your fearlessness and unbridled joy will never be forgotten.  Sally (Ada’s cousin)

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 1.02.45 PM.jpg

I will never forget when we were able to visit you on the farm, and you rushed right over to Riley, grabbed her hand, and started picking berries with her.  Even though she was three years younger than you, you never made her feel anything less than your new best friend.  Shelly (Ada’s cousin)


When Ada would be visiting Grandma and Poppy while Owen and Natalie were also there, I loved how easily they played together.  Whether it was the pool, a board game, some kind of lawn game, she was up for anything with the 2 little kids.  It always made my heart smile.  Michelle (Ada’s cousin-in-law)


Family getting together. You came into the house smiling and happy. And the world smiled. You and Blaire continued your conversations as if you were together five minutes ago, not six months ago. You made æbleskiver. You helped your younger cousins color and draw. You drove them around in the golf cart, the mule, and the go-cart that Bedstefar built. You drew designs on Bedstemor’s arms. You hugged her. You hugged me. You hugged everyone. You smiled. And the world smiled. You played soccer. You fished. You made paper snowflakes and decorated our tree. You made Danish heart baskets. You made me a wonderfully decorated shirt. You played chess with Huck, with your Mom, with your Dad, with your cousins. You helped Bedstemor make kransekage. You and Blaire started the family games. You jumped off huge boulders while you had a cast on your leg. You smiled. And the world smiled. 

We love you so much. Our hearts will hold you always.  Kathy (Ada’s aunt)



….I think about Ada often.  She was truly an amazing person.  I always enjoyed her presence – how cheerful, warm and calm.  She just had a way of making me want to spend time with her – she was always like that, no matter her age.  She was mature for her age and yet always fun-seeking and loved being around any of the kids or “grown-ups”.  I will, and do, already, miss her. …  Melissa (Ada’s cousin-in-law)


I second everything Melissa said…  It’s so apparent that Ada was an incredibly special person who touched so many lives positively, including ours.  As someone, I think it was John, said, “I’m trying my best to be more like Ada”.  Her poise, maturity, warmth, truly are a model to aspire to….  James (Ada’s cousin).


Ada was always up for activities.  At the 2015 reunion, I decided to go swimming in the river.  No one else was very interested, but Ada hurried over from the group she was playing with so she could join me.  The water was cold as usual, but we both hopped in, Ada reminded me where the rocks to avoid were.  She never hesitated to spend time and share experiences with anyone in the family; she bridged the generations and her games and plans made us one giant group when we got together, instead of separating us into the “adults” and the “kids”.  Ada’s amazing and wonderful and of the best people I’ve ever known.  It’s an honor to be her cousin.  Sarah (Ada’s cousin)


Where even to begin.. Ada and I were the best cousins I think anyone could ever have asked for. She trusted me with everything, and I had the same trust, no matter how many times one of our “brilliant” ideas didn’t work as planned…  Ada was the person that never was shy, she was brilliant, she shined like a diamond every single place she went, she would text me and we would plan out every single trip we had planned as soon as we were old enough, she had the spirit of an eagle, she soared through Life. … She was so crazy athletic compared to me, she would scurry up the rocks and then just sit there and laugh at me as I struggled up the rocks, she wasn’t short of humor either, she always had a pun or a joke about everything, it was impossible to be sad around her. While I have more memories than I can type, she will forever be my favorite little cousin, she holds a very special place in my heart. ❤️  Blaire (Ada’s cousin-once-removed)



Tommy  (Ada’s 7 years old, cousin-once-removed) sent this precious note of love on a notecard that David’s sister Deb made up of Ada’s soccer backboard.  Ada adored Tommy.

This may sound shallow but bear with me.  I am Ada’s aunt, the one who colors her hair,  gets manicures and probably spends way too much time with a hair dryer! Today I had my three week manicure and thought of Ada.  For Christmas we send Huck and Ada a little money gift and every year we receive such kind thank you notes.  One year Ada wrote that she had used part of her gift to get a manicure.  This just made me smile. This is Jane and David’s daughter!  During one visit to Texas Ada and I got manicures together.  Jane shared on my recent visit to Vermont that she had taken Ada and a friend to get manicures in New York City.  That sounds like that was the purpose for the trip to NYC!  We know better, but still fun to think about.   

 At family reunions she was so kind and loving toward her younger cousins and one could not help but notice the tenderness and love she held for her grandmother, her Bedstemor. We have pictures of her helping in the kitchen and helping to frost the kransekage for her Bedstemor’s birthday cake.  I recently saw an incredible video of Ada making Sushi!  Sweet Ada.  Thoughts of her bring emotions of sadness and joy.  We are better because of Ada and we will choose to live like Ada.  Karen  (Ada’s aunt, and Ada definitely cared deeply about her appearance, just like her beautiful aunt Karen, it’s a gift to others to be and look your best, really!)


We will hold dear the memories of her lovely smile and active disposition and how quickly she seemed to relate to everyone.  Bill and Roberta

Ada was a very kind person.  She was passionate and considerate.  She was beautiful and very smart as well.  I was so lucky to have known her.  She leaves a great mark on this world and leaves behind many memories.  Emily

Good people are remembered for how their passions and personalities made people feel throughout their life. The most important and influential people we know, invest time in others, and spark emotional and meaningful connections with the people around them. Our closest friends, our family, our communities create who we become as people.‬

‪Ada, you pushed yourself to be the best person you could be and everyone admired you for it. Only the best of us can hope to live as you did, with your heart on your sleeve and ambition in your heart.‬

‪I’ll carry you with me for the rest of my life, and you are loved and remembered.‬

‪Rest In Peace Ada Soren‬  ‪I’m not sad, I’m not angry, I just miss you. Gone too soon. We love you‬.   Moses

Ada, one of a kind and great to all. Her presence and energy always lighting up the room and making everyone feel comfortable. A truly remarkable person who always put a smile on my face and made me feel great. Your presence in my life and those closest to you hasn’t been forgotten and not a day goes by where we don’t think about you. I am extremely grateful  for the time I got to spend with you and how I got to know you as a genuine person. Ada, you will forever be missed by all of us, until we meet again, love you, Jada


I have practiced living my life with an open heart.  Ada just lived that way.  Watching her “work” the room with her heart open to everyone is a rare gift.   Mary


From the moment I met Ada she was always so kind. From when we weren’t as close, to when we became closer she always had such a big heart. I will never forget laughing so hard in Art class with Ada and hearing her hum along to the music while making beautiful pieces of art. She had so much wisdom, kindness and love to give to her friends and everyone around her. A soul so beautiful, I will never forget the impact she had on my life. She completed our little gang and I am left with no words to what has happened. We will love you forever Ada Sorensen and will celebrate your life always.  Chloe

I work at BFA Fairfax. Years ago when Ada was in the 5th grade, and we all got to “share” something with the class, I brought in a collection of small boxes. Later that year, Ada gave me… a small green, stone box. She said she remembered that I collect them, and when she saw it she thought of me. I still have it displayed in a cabinet. It was the first thing I thought of when I heard about her. I consider it the most thoughtful gift I have ever received from a student.  Christine

Her kindness.  My wish is to have her kind spirit live on in Advisory from which all others can learn from.  Mr. P.

Ada was in my Career Exploration class and we were doing an activity where we share our top three values.  Ada volunteered to share her top value was creativity.   She spoke so eloquently about how the world was beautiful because of art.  Her passion will always stay with me.   Hailey (shared on a memory card)

I will always remember your beautiful artwork – you were so courageous with your art, willing to try new things and new ways of expressing your ideas.  Carol


In Latin class she would always give any answer, never afraid it was wrong or not.  I will always admire her for her courage and confidence.  Unsigned memory card

Ada came to class every day full of curiosity and willing to try anything.  She was always the first to notice if someone needed a partner.  Her grace and wisdom made class a wonderful place to be.  Emily


At Ada’s memorial, a young girl and her mother approached us and said that many years ago, when the girl was in early elementary school, she was crying on the playground.  Ada saw her, went into school and came back with an ice cream to make her feel better.

Ada and I had so many amazing memories from our days jointed at the hip, while I worked on the farm during my summers. She and I had a bond that others took notice of. Pure love for that being. She once explained to Kris and I that some people have golden strings attaching hearts to one another. And if you thought about someone hard enough then those golden strings tug and the other will find a way to get in contact with you. She was always wise beyond her years. She was my dear sweet Ada. My pea pod eating partner. My egg partner side kick. My tumbling out of raspberry patches picker. And best farm kid friend a girl like me could love. I will deeply miss her.  Anastasia (Ada was maybe 4 or 5 at the time.)

Summer 08 010

Ada, to me, was one of the most intelligent, caring, and thoughtful kids I’ve ever met. Her love for anything she did was unmatched, though she and Huck had their little tiffs, but at the end of the day her love for anything she did or anyone who had the privilege of knowing her prevailed. The memories that most stick out in mind is of her making us snacks for break using interesting takes on old recipes or just creating her own. Helping harvest strawberries and carrots or restocking the sales house when she wasn’t running around with her friends (both human and animal) or caring for baby chickens on the mend, as much as we know you didn’t want to have that chick in your house David, she made you love it.  Around the picnic table on any given break or lunch, the questions she asked and things she talked about were well beyond her age. She was selfless and brave in anything I saw her do, always willing to help and most importantly, learn and grow.  She was a gem who made everyone’s hard days a lot less hard, if even with a few raspberries.  She will be sorely missed, but happily thought about when recounting my days at River Berry. Again, I love you guys. Stay strong for her.  Love, Corey


What amazing energy she had! I remember Ada best from our time spent in the field together. She was sent out by David when she was 4,5,6 years old to pick raspberries and make sure the college kids were picking fast enough, she was always much faster. Ada would crawl under the bent over canes and find all the hidden berries. During those summers she would sit on my lap at the picnic table and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on store bought bread, which she loved because all they ever had in the house was Gerard’s! Ada made our work into play when we were lining up rows of carrots to bag in the field and making little nests of potatoes to pick up. She was just always smiling and running! Even the last time I saw her this past summer, she was smiling and running down the farm road to say hello and meet our own daughter Ada. I will always remember her shining soul. Thank you David and Jane for raising such a beautiful person for this world to love.    Love, Eliza


Ada was eight or nine when I got Tootsie.  Ada asked is she could take a picture, and although I’m fairly camera-shy, how could I say no?  Maybe a week later, she shows me this sort of poster she made…in the middle was the photo of myself and Toots, and all around, in her young, beginning, but already pronounced decorative style, she written, “This is Jen and Tootsie.  She is my friend.”   I took it to heart.   That a nine year old girl could make a thirty-nine year old women feel so proud to be included is so telling, isn’t it?  I believe she was born with that capacity in her soul, but she would have had every chance to fully express that in her life because of your family’s love and guidance….  Jen

Recently, Ada visited me in a dream. She was exactly how I remembered her. She exuded confidence and kindness, beauty and pride, delivered in her radiant smile and soft words. I remember waking feeling so fortunate to have witnessed her greatness once more.

 I feel so fortunate to have grown up alongside Ada at a place I hold very dear to my heart, River Berry Farm. On the farm, and I am sure everywhere else she went, she was a bundle of energy coupled with the kindest heart. I remember her zooming around in the golf cart with her friends, baking for her family and for the crew, and always reaching out a helping hand to those in need. I remember one particular morning last summer when I went to the farm stand and Ada was behind the counter, greeting me with the sincerest smile upon my arrival. I remember being in awe of how much she had grown, how much we had both grown, what an incredible woman she was becoming, and how lucky I felt to have this shared experience of learning and growing on the farm with her.  It is only fitting that I now try to carry Ada’s love for life and live as Ada would as she helped create a home for me at River Berry that made me very much of the person I am today.  Lyla 

Many years ago, I guess 15 this summer; Santosh and I were visiting River Berry Farm with our girls. We all remember holding baby Ada, her happy smile and the joy she had brought to the family. She will continue make me smile with the memories of her “washing the duckling” in the cup of water, the “plans” she had for the farm when “I run this farm”, her beautiful smile I saw in her photos.

Wishing you strength and love as you help Huck and Jane and David on this difficult journey.    Love, Ruth 

I’m reaching out to let you know that you have been in my thoughts constantly since last week.  I was heartbroken to hear about Ada.  I have so many great memories of her and I can never talk about River Berry without mentioning Ada.  She was always so warm, wise, fun, and loving.  She shone in a way that was recognized and cherished by everyone who knew her.

I loved the annual water balloon fights that she organized, the brownies she sometimes made for us, her drawings.  I was always grateful for her help calculating change at the farmer’s market.

One of my favorite memories of Ada was when she slyly declared that she “knows things.”  This was in reference to our (often failed) attempts at editing our language to make it age appropriate whenever she was around.  That year, a few of us came up with an idea to produce a River Berry radio show (this was, of course, the year that Zach Hirsch was on the crew).  We assigned segments to one another and Ada’s segment was called “Ada Knows Things.”  It would be the local news hour, during which Ada would update the world on all of the information she gleaned from overheard conversations around the farm.  My piece was an advice segment called “Bubbi Says,”  Maggie’s would be op-ed’s called “I Think, For Me….” and David would cover the weather.

Ada was undeniably special and so very loved.  She set an example for everyone around her by embodying genuine kindness, curiosity, and humor.  I am grieving her loss and grieving for your family and I am so, so grateful to be among the many people who knew and adored her.

I’m sending so much love to your family from dry, distant Colorado.  I’ll be home in August and would love to come up to the farm.  Maybe you’ll even let me weed a few beds of carrots?

All my best,  Martha 



I remember the first time I saw Ada.  It was from a little distance, but she was smiling and laughing while talking to someone.  I remember how calm, kind and confident she was when she joined us out in the field.  She was a really special person.    Sam

I keep laughing at this conversation I had with Ada when you guys got Hazel and really she wanted to name her Nutella because… well why not, right?! And she was just so confused why she couldn’t be called Nutella! And I was playing along with her being silly about other fun names of my favorite foods! haha

There was also a time just after you got the chickens. I was over by the sales houses and Ada and a friend came home from school and went straight to the chicks. I remember being envious of the two of them, that as children they found such joy and entertainment from chickens. All I ever did was watch TV as a kid after school. I always thought Huck and Ada were very lucky to be growing up at the farm. Anyway, I was working away and I kept hearing them giggle and finally I gave in and walked over and they showed me an obstacle course they made for the chicks! It was the cutest thing to watch!

I also have to be honest and let you know that the golf cart always gave me problems – I never liked that thing- but Ada helped me more times then I care to admit getting that thing started and plugged in and moved around.

It has been hard to be on the west coast during this time, and I have been unsure of what do to with my time and one day it hit me that I just plant some starts in my window. I’ve got some greens and kale growing now and they aren’t just in memory of Ada but also for your whole family and for everyone that was touched by Ada. I sit by them in the morning with my tea and at night with my wine, and I smile thinking of all of you, and of Ada being reunited with Shadow and Sammy.   Love,  Sean 

We visited the farm the time she was about 12 or 14 or so. When we pulled up in the car the first time, she immediately came up to us and said “Hi” – with lots of dogs around her!! We told her who we were, and she skipped along to bring us to see Sean. She had a smile a mile wide that could only make me smile back. I can’t remember for sure, but might not even have had shoes on! Her free spirit and beauty was evident.

The next time we came she remembered us and asked if we would like to see her chickens. Of course we did! Her genuine love of animals and the farm just bubbled over. She pointed out where we could find Sean and said she was headed out there and we could ride with her on the cart. We decided to walk and she zipped away to bring them some additional tools for the weeding they were doing. She stayed out there for a bit chatting with the crew and sharing giggles with them. Then off she went on her cart to go out and find her dad for break (David introduced me the no knead bread which I now often make as well). Later that morning we saw her head over to the flower greenhouse to check on her Mom. When we left she was playing, again if I remembered correctly, basketball with Huck.

She was clearly in love with her family and her life on the farm. Her joy was contagious which stems from the love and caring of both of you. It is clear you make such a difference in your children’s lives with all you provided them. I also know I am grateful for the difference you made I my child’s life as well- and probably many others.

We have been thinking about you and your family and beautiful Ada these past few days and now she will remain a part of our memories of years to come.

Think of you all,  Tricia and Steven

Ada was a magical child, who left a lasting impression on all of those she met.  Her shining and sincere eyes.  She invested in relationships as a four year old…she was a rare soul, and was put this earth to make it a better place.  She was such a pure, happy child.

I still picture her a dirty faced child, running through the fields barefoot with Bodhi and Shadow in tow, blue skirt flying, hand and cheeks stained with strawberries.

She was so generous with her love, to the cats and dogs, to the chicks and chickens and to all the crazy people she’s seen come and go at River Berry. I can still feel those little arms clinging tightly around my neck.

You two gave her an amazing life. What an experience for a child to grow up like that. You gave her the guidance to be a decent human and the freedom for her to grow into the beautiful soul she wanted to be.   You two are amazing parents and all the stories of memories of Ada are testament to that. Huck is in on my mind so much these days and I hope he is ok.

There is really nothing but time that can begin to ease the pain, or a least get you accustomed to this new reality.

I am so thankful for my time at River Berry. Thank you for everything you taught me and the time you let me share with Huck and Ada.     I Love You All,  Kris (and Bodhi)


Ada was such a bright light.  I’ll always remember her with a big smile and an open spirit.  Hilary

My first memory of Ada was working a Saturday with her trellising beans.  It was just after my cat had been lost, and Ada spent the time not only comforting me, but telling all about feral instincts in cats that help them survive in the wild.  I always enjoyed her gentle presence, and the way she embraced all of her creativity without fear.  Valerie


I wanted you to know how much I adored your daughter.  In the summer of 2016, when I worked with your beautiful family on that magic piece of land called River Berry, I had the pleasure of occasionally working alongside Ada, appreciating her kindness, her humility, her wisdom beyond her years, and just how much fun she was to be around.  She felt like a sister to the whole crew, her presence always welcomed.  Maddie


I worked at River Berry Farm the summer of 2002, when Huck and Ada were young. Ada was almost 2. I wasn’t very good at farming and spend most of my time playing with the kids. In July I got injured (I’m the girl who got hit by lightening at the farm stand) and Jane and David were kind enough to let me stay the summer and babysit. I spent my days that summer with Ada and Huck -and I look back at that time so fondly. Through the years, I’ve often thought of Ada. At such a young age, she left a lasting impression on me. Her awareness, gentleness, intelligence. Her beauty. I’ve never forgotten her.   Sarah

I never knew Ada well, I only met her once when I was very little. My dad took us strawberry picking at the farm. My name is also Ada and at the time my 5 year old self had never met someone else with that name. I didn’t like my name before then, but Ada was there at the farm that day and when she introduced herself to me and told me she was an Ada too I felt so grown up and happy to see that there was such a grown up, and kind girl I got to share my name with. Like I said I never new Ada well but I still think about that day in the strawberry field where I met her and she was so kind to me, someone she didn’t even know. I will always remember that smart, kind, beautiful girl who taught me to love our name.   Ada (a very sweet email we received nearly 2 years after our Ada died).

Ada was a fun, sweet, smart little girl. She always had a smile on her face. A couple times a week she would ask to have lunch with me and a group of her friends in my office. When I left BFA she made me a little ceramic leaf, she was so thoughtful. I was so saddened to hear of her accident. She was such a gift, taken way too soon.‬     Lisa

I remember Ada’s amazing spirit as a child.  We loved spending time with her at the farm.  I will always think of her running barefoot through the strawberry fields.  One night, as we headed home, she stuck a note in my hand with the sweetest message, thanking us for coming over.  Those were the best times.  Sarah and Jeff

I remember Ada as a darling, warm, lively little girl when I visited with your family in Vermont. She, Huck, Morgan, and Evan were running around the farm squealing with delight. I know everyone loved her and she was such a blessing to so many. I am so very sorry for your loss. Mary Beth Taylor (Sarah’s Mom) Bloomington, Illinois.   Mary Beth

I will never forget all of the memories I have made with Ada on and off the soccer field. She was always a joy to be around and never had a cruel word to say about anything or anyone. As a joke, I once convinced our soccer coach, Chris Williams, during freshmen year that “Ada” was short for Edith. It first started out as a joke but soon grew to the point where all of our teachers and some friends believed that it was her real name. From then on it always brought laughter to her and I when I would call her Edith. She helped me grow both as a person and a soccer player. Ada taught me what it truly meant to be a person in the years that I knew her. Through her actions and kind words, she showed me that the secret to life was simply having a positive outlook on everything you endure upon. I learned a lot about the game that we both love from her during our two soccer seasons at BFA and spring soccer at Georgia. She was always willing to teach me new skills and help me when I was struggling during a game or practice. She was without a doubt the person I felt most comfortable with having in front of me on the field. Her ability and knowledge of the game made her the perfect player to have on our team.  She is always and will always be in my heart and prayers. I will always appreciate the help she gave me during math freshmen year, the advice she always had, and the unconditional support that I constantly received from her.  She is truly the most amazing, well rounded, and indescribably kind person I have ever met and will be missed dearly. My prayers go out to Jane, David, Huck, Lucy, and the rest of her family and friends.  Myah

Ada, such a bright happy soul on the soccer field and all the times I saw her with my kids, and her team. Such a beautiful young lady who clearly touched so, so many people of all ages.   Chris



While I didn’t know her very well, my daughter, Abby, tells me she was a person who was always “the heart of the team”.  I saw Ada with her friends, around school, town and at soccer events.  She was bright, funny and sensitive.  Ada will be missed by many.  Rachelle and Abby

Ada, such a genuine happy soul. I will forever miss playing soccer with her and watching her shut everyone down on defense, no one got past Ada. Always positive on and off the field, no matter what happened. She is truly the most kind hearted, amazing and positive person I’ve ever met and will be forever missedGrace

Her spirit and genuine love for life was inspiring to us all.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching her play soccer with the Milton team.  She was certainly a force to be reckoned with on the field…  This team was lucky to have her and she will be deeply missed by all.  Shannon, Angela and Olivia


Ada was the kindest, sweetest, fiercest person I probably have ever met.  She had a smile that would warm anybody’s heart.  My daughter, May, competed against Ada in soccer and she was always memorable because of her athleticism and sportsmanship.  She was an amazing person.  Vickie


My favorite memories with Ada was how, no matter if we won our game or lost, she would always stay positive and give everyone hugs and compliment them.  Unsigned memory card

I am fortunate to have played on the same soccer team as Ada for the past 2 years.  We always clicked on the field and I will never forget how happy, selfless and caring she was.  She will always be a large part of the BFA community.  Unsigned memory card

I remember playing on the field with you.  You were tearing it up.  I always look over and see you either knocking one person down and them picking them back up again.  Unsigned memory card


All the years we were on the same soccer team, your personality was amazing.  When  I left, you still kept in touch with me.  You cared so deeply for everyone.  Even though I was in LA, you still made it an effort to keep in touch and let me know you cared.  I love you Ada.  Aurora

Ada helped me get over hard times and always had a big smile.  Unsigned memory card

I would first like to start out by saying how amazing of a person Ada was.  She was so caring, funny, kind, accepting and beautiful.  She had the purist soul of anyone I have ever met….  I just miss the conversations I would have sitting next to her, talking about our cats, my little brother, or just current events.  She did not want to participate in the political debate amongst the table, which I respected, instead she would act as a mediator to calm others down…  Ada was an amazing person who touched my life and taught me to be more kind, caring and accepting….  Brendan

Ada has taught me so much. We were never very close, but we often complimented each other’s outfits and in her last few days she told me I had lint on the back of my pants. The memories I have with her are small, but they are not insignificant. She was a beautiful young woman inside and out, and I will always strive to be as kind, generous, and amazing as she was. The impact she has left on so many people, and there won’t be a single advisory period that goes by that I won’t look at her picture and smile. Although we weren’t close, I am incredibly grateful to say that I knew and loved Ada, and that I and countless others will miss her every single day. She provided so much light for those around her and has truly made the world a better place.  Kayleigh

My favorite memory was walking past her in the hallway and always getting a smile back.  Unsigned memory card

We have so many fond memories of Ada from when we first met her a Poker Hill when she was 3, the boys first play date with her soon after. The time she and Lucy walked up the road with two birthday cakes for Cam & Quinn, and the time Ada & Lucy sang Happy Birthday to Jay at the football field. She always did such sweet things. She will always be missed and thought of by our  family.  Lorna

Ada was by far the nicest person I’ve ever met.  She was always willing to put anyone’s problems before hers.  My love for that girl will never stop and I’ll never forget her kind heart.  She deserved to live life to the fullest.  Unsigned memory card

I was crying so hard and I barely knew you and you came up to me and asked if I was okay.  Made me feel loved when I really didn’t.  Lily

Ada walked into my house at 9 a.m. on a Sunday and woke me with a kiss on the forehead.  Unsigned memory card

Ada was such a bright light at Poker Hill School.  In her honor I remember I taught myself to play “This Little Light of Mine” on my wooden xylophone.  I can remember Ada and Lucy belting out that song and many songs at morning meeting.  Ada was such a kind friend, she was such a caring friend.  If someone was hurt she was concerned, if someone was lonely, she would include them and when David or Buddy would make jokes, she would give me this look, like “those guys”.  I adored her, she was such a sweet person.  I just love all of Ada’s drawings, lots of rainbows and borders.  She was so proud and joyful.  She loved you all so dearly and she was just so grateful for her farm and home.  I am am honored and blessed to have spent that year with Ada and your family.  Heather

What we remember and will cherish in our thoughts about Ada is the unfettered joy and enthusiasm about everything when she was with us at Poker Hill and as the years went by on our yearly spring visits to the farm that same contagious smile to greet us (and whatever dog was along).  David and Beth



I was Ada’s bus driver for her last two years in Fairfax.  In my 17 years driving bus have I had a passenger I enjoyed more than Ada.  Her beauty, her smile, intelligence and style in general….  Dave, bus driver


I had the pleasure of teaching Ada in PE class last semester for BFA. I admired her constant smile, confidence, and how kind she was to all her classmates. Sending you all lots of love.‬    Sarah

It was such a pleasure to teach Ada this year. I will never forget her kindness, wisdom and joy. Ada was one of those special people who makes a mark on all those they meet. I will miss her greatly.‬    Emily

Ada was an amazing young person.  She was one of the few girls that accepted and supported our daughter through the years at BFA.  She gave unconditional love and friendship to so many but especially the lost and misunderstood kids to whom she could lend a kind word or smile along her day.  We are forever grateful she was a part of our lives.  The Mashteares

Ada, you were always such a nice person.  Everyday you would bless everybody with your kindness and great personality.  You always know how to make people laugh or pick them back up if they were feeling down.  Words can’t describe how much we all miss you being in our lives.  Nick

Almost everyday I would come into Latin class and look to Ada for a pencil and everyday she would give me one.  IT seemed like such a small thing but I now realize how special the time I spent with her was.  She lit up my day every time I got to talk to her.  She was a good a person can possibly be.  Unsigned memory card

Ada was a student of mine last year along with Lucy and Avery. What a trio! I am blessed that Ada would still come to my room almost every day this year to just say hi and chat, she even helped feed my chocolate addiction. She is a true ray of sunshine. Over the last couple of days I have seen many beautiful things, a blue sunny sky, a crocus blooming, and I have thought of Ada. She was a beautiful person, one of a kind.‬    Polly


Like you, I felt Ada had embraced this life and was full of hope, determination and excitement about the future.  I am in disbelief that she is not here.  Madeline

You are the light that is within us and surrounds us. You are the beautiful music that echoes throughout our soul. You are the joy and peace that resounds in our hearts. You are the love that carries on forever between us, amongst us and flows over every being that you encountered. ‬

‪Thank you for bringing my family such great memories. We will miss you sweet girl.   Pam

Michael’s parent’s live on a dairy farm and you were up at the crack of dawn to help in whatever way you could.  When asked if you wanted to wear the boots your brought, the reply was “sure, I wear these boots to cut the chicken’s heads off”.  Oh my, too funny.  Pam


We are truly blessed to have you as part of our family. You have given us a gift, and your bright spirit will live in each memory that you left behind. I will miss you dear girl,  Maria

Ada was so special.   It goes without saying that Ada excelled as a student, was an amazing artist and athlete.  But she was one of the most modest teenagers that I know.  Ada was special in the way she made others feel special.  She created art or baked as a gift of herself that she gave to others to let them know she cared.  She was kind and never judged others, reaching out as a friend to many kids from so many walks of life.  She was determined, wanting to learn new things in school, on the field, and in the world.

I will miss the thoughtful conversations during my drives to bring you to school.  I will miss the positive energy that you brought to our home in your frequent and casual visits and sleepovers  I will miss all of the stories and adventures that you were to have shared with me during your college breaks.  I will miss the amazing life that was supposed to be ahead of you, with all of the plans that you and Lucy had made for your future as long time friends.  I will miss you sweet Ada.  Maria


Mount Mansfiled


Our amazing Ada was talented, beautiful, kind and wise beyond her years.  In her 16 years, she was able to bring more joy to those around her than most can in 50 years.  Ada was an old soul and old souls are never forgotten.  Avery is lucky to have such an amazing forever friend.  Thank you for sharing your amazing girl with us.  Lynn, Eric, Avery and Parker

I loved the friendship that you shared with Chase and all of us.  Your were a true free spirit.  The day that you and Lucy brought Chase a home-made chocolate cake covered in sprinkles melted my heart!  Also, you never let anyone dictate what you did.  Even though I’m Chase’s Mom, you always hugged me in from of everyone!  As a teenage, that took guts.  You never cared about that stuff.  You loved freely and passionately.  Kristy

We were at Gwen’s house.  Ada came outside and said, “Anyone up for ravioli, I made some?”  Ada was such a kind, generous, helpful person.  We will miss her.  unsigned memory card


A beautiful soul who left us too soon. You were loved immensely by your friends, your smile was infectious, you liked everyone it did not matter who they were, you liked the color purple, you loved art. These were just some of the comments from your friends. You will forever be in their hearts. You made a difference in the lives of our kids. Your positive influence will not be forgotten and will live on through all of your friends. We grieve along with your friends, your family and the community. We find comfort knowing that you are flying high with the angels like the angel that you are.‬  Kimberly

Colin and I first met Ada when the two of them were five I think. He hadn’t started kindergarten yet and we went to River Berry Farm to poke around. Ada greeted us in the driveway and we chatted a bit. She asked “do you want to see my chickens?” to which we answered “sure we do”. Who could resist? She gave us the grand tour of the chicken coop and was so proud both of her chickens and also herself, for being the leader of her magnificent flock I suppose. She had a confidence and glow that comes from a happy child (kudos to mom and dad). I thought she was the cutest little chicken I had ever seen. Well she and Colin became friends and schoolmates and we had her at the house many times. Always gracious and poised, polite and happy, she was a ray of bright light and we loved having her company. She used to love my grilled cheese sandwiches. Now there is a hole in our hearts and we must move on without her. Not what any of us planned but despite fate our love and admiration of Ada goes on and is endless. God bless the Sorensen/Marchant family and Ada too. We are here with you during this unhappy time and always. Jeff, Alec, Aidan, and Colin ‬


My son Nick’s first comment to me after I heard of Ada’s passing, was, ‘She was so nice’.. It was so sincere, so heartfelt. Who doesn’t want that to be everyone’s first comment or description of them? She was a gift to all who knew her, and makes us all appreciate kindness more. Wishing her family and friends strength and peace.   Drena

My heart breaks for your family. My daughter, Hailey, played soccer and had classes and advisory with Ada at BFA. Ada’s spirit shined brightly for all who had the pleasure to know her, or even be in her presence. May you find peace in knowing how dearly she was loved by all who knew her.    Jennifer

I do remember her enthusiastic and creative personality while teaching her Art at Preschool Art Camp and at my studio.  Ada’s imagination and skill, and love for art were evident in her early creations.  I still have a photo of her glazing her clay birdhouse with her friends in my studio.

I remember her one day at the farm , while I was visiting Sara, and she had a handful of peas.  When I asked what she was doing, she said, “eating lunch”.  What a wonderful, loving and nurturing home and family you provided her in which to grow.  After reading some of the memorials on-line, it is obvious that she was a beautiful, well-rounded, intelligent and creative young woman, loved and respected by so many.  Numerous lives she touched in her short but full life.  Sally and Lon


A 14 year old at the time traveling down from Montreal to take part in a hockey tournament in Vermont. I just remember first stepping foot on the ice for the first game and I see you in the crowd. Instantly, I felt the good energy you carried around and I didn’t even talk to you yet. Luckily I got to get in touch with you and since that day I made one hell of a friend. I really do wish I got to spend more time with you but our conversations we’ve shared since that day will be memories I’ll never forget. Such a sweet and beautiful young lady that was taken way too early. You will be missed Ada. Rest peacefully.  Tevyn

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ada.  One time when we washed lettuce together, she gushed about her boyfriend and his mom.  She talked about maybe getting a waitressing job and about how she went to a big school.  I’ve been thinking about her being embarrassed to ride in the delivery truck and how Eli and I would joke that we were nervous around Ada because she was so popular in high school, reminding us how we were not-so-popular teens.   I’m just so saddened that such a tragedy could befall such a bright, sweet, beautiful girl and such a loving, devoted family.  Lauren


Always enjoyed seeing her sweet smile while working at River Berry Farm for a summer. Though she was only six at the time, I enjoyed her fun and sweet company when she came out to visit us. Praying for you all.  Rebecca

There are no words…Ada you were a darling girl who was so gifted and talented and given a lovely life with your mom and dad and brother. We love you. Sandy

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ada this week.  We didn’t spend loads of time with her, but were always delighted when we did by her enthusiastic humor, quiet thoughtfulness and impish spirit!    Eve


I will always  remember Ada as being the nicest and most down-to-earth person.  She makes everyone around her glow with joy as he did.  She always spread kindness wherever she went.  Colby

Ada, you were such a wonderful addition in advisory. You always had some way of brightening the mood and for that I am ever grateful. I will miss seeing such a familiar face, you will always be missed, rest easy and fly high beautiful.  Isey

Ada’s smile always made my day better!  Unsigned memory card


Ada’s drawing she wanted to have as a tatoo.  Blaire, her cousin-once-removed, now has this as a tatoo on her back and says she “has Ada looking over her shoulder” and loves that.  David’s brother, Larry, made the wooden urn for Ada’s ashes and wood-burned this image on the front.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.02.48 AM.png

In her own words:

“I think a good person is a person who puts other peoples’ needs before theirs.  Waits for people instead of leaving without them, they aren’t discouraging towards others.  A good person isn’t necessarily a friend, they could be a person you just meet that did a kind thing for you.  When you think about it, no one is really a completely good person, we all have flaws and we all tell lies.  But my point is we all have some good in us.  The yin-yang sign is a good example of this because it shows all bad has a bit of good and all good has a bit of bad in it.

p.s.  The reason I said “I didn’t know if I was good or bad” is because I’m both and I’m okay with that.

I just found this writing, four and a half years after she died, in her journal from Day 2 at canoe camp, when she was age 12.  Jane, Ada’s Mother


Please visit Ada’s Bench in St. Albans Bay Park.