Share Acts of Kindness

We hope that Ada’s life can continue to inspire acts of kindness. We encourage you to share stories of when you receive, witness or carry out yourself; whether you choose a day of the month, say the 2nd to reflect Ada’s birthday, or a day of the week, or just randoms acts as you witness them, feel inspired or see a need.
If you would like, please post these acts of kindness and compassion towards another or acts of courage to be the best a person one can be and these can serve as inspiration to others.   You can post, anonymously or signed, by typing in the box of  “Leave a Reply”.
From the Tributes and Stories of Ada that have been lovingly submitted by her family and friends, we have come to define these terms as follows (though encourage you to define as fits you!):
Kindness:  To give an unexpected gift of a smile, a wave, a hug, a note of appreciation or love, or a treasure that is just-so-suited to the receiver.  Recognize and engage with someone who is feeling alone or left-out.
Compassion:  To be with, to listen to and to share-in another’s sorrow, without judgement or unwanted advice.
Courage:  To stretch beyond your comfort-zone to explore ideas and adventures that will make you a better person.